About us

about us kalimba

The passion of kalimbas !

You are a beginner in music and are looking for a first instrument easy to learn ?
You are an experienced musician and wish to acquire a kalimba?
You have discovered this instrument and are simply curious to learn more about it?
Don't go away, you are at the right place!

Who are we?

Kalimba is a company that specializes in the sale of kalimbas, a lamellophone musical instrument also known as mbira in traditional African culture. Since our beginnings, our goal is to make this beautiful instrument better known to the general public.

Indeed, the kalimba is an ideal entry point into the world of music, it is particularly suitable for novices and beginners because of its simplicity of handling.

Moreover, false notes are impossible because each of its keys is perfectly tuned and corresponds to a precise note.

Finally, without even having a score it is possible to let your fingers go randomly on the keys, the magic of this instrument makes that it will inevitably come out with a soft and pleasant melody to the ear. This is why many schools appreciate to buy from us in order to animate musical awakening sessions with their young pupils.

Quality kalimbas at moderate prices !

In order to make our products available to a wide audience, we are committed to offering much lower prices than those charged by other retailers, while guaranteeing quality materials and finishes.

All our kalimbas are produced and assembled by hand by qualified craftsmen. They are also systematically tuned before shipping so that our customers receive an instrument in perfect working order and can start playing it immediately.

To guarantee you a quality service, we collaborate with Paypal and Stripe, online payment gateways renowned for their security. You will be able to make your purchases via our site in all serenity. Moreover, the quality of our products is very important to us, such is our motto "satisfied or refunded". Without forgetting that we have a competent team available at any time for after-sales service.

So don't wait any longer! You too can discover the bewitching sounds of the kalimba, an instrument for young and old with soothing power that will decorate your home without cluttering it up!